Ohhh … I guess that’s what a blood sugar spike is?

Here’s the situation:

I had just gotten home from a really long walk with my dog, like almost 2 hours. He’s old and walks slow, so this doesn’t count as strenuous exercise, but it was a long walk.

Also, I was starving. I hadn’t eaten since lunch about 7 hours earlier.

Earlier today, I had my blood sugar tested at the doctor’s office. It was 90. Then I tested it again with my new blood sugar monitor. Suddenly it was 117. So two different blood sugar monitors gave me two pretty different readings about 10 minutes apart. Meh. Then I took my dog out for our walk.

So I get home from walking my dog and check the blood sugar yet again:

blood sugar reading

66! Dang. Is that bordering on hypoglycemic? I dunno.

While walking my dog Terry, I had stopped at a Korean restaurant and picked up some budae-jjigae (부대찌게). It’s basically a huge bowl of soup that contains kimchi (spicy napa cabbage), ramen noodles, tofu, slices of hot dog, some kind of beans, and probably other stuff I don’t know the names of. It’s delicious.

The lady at the restaurant likes me, and she loves Terry, and it seems like she always gives me way more food than she should. It’s a big bowl, probably close to enough for two people. So I sit down to eat and, naturally, I eat all of it.

Check blood sugar again about 30-60 minutes after finishing and it’s like 220! Umm, what? So I do it again on a different finger. This time I get:

Braun Omnitest 3 blood sugar reading

That’s a little better, but DAYYYUMMMM. 66 to 200+.

So now, about 2 hours later (no other food since eating my gigantic bowl of Korean soup), I test the blood again:

Braun Omnitest 3 blood sugar reading

Back to normal. So here’s how it went:

117 → walk Terry → 66 → eat too much soup → 205 → wait 2 hours, no more food → 119

That’s not how I’m supposed to manage my blood sugar, is it?