Diabetes blood sugar before and after: spicy Korean pork with vegetables (제육)

blood sugar before and after eating diet for diabetes

Blood sugar reading before eating: 84

I hadn’t eaten in about 6 hours (since lunch).

Blood sugar reading after eating: 126

I waited about 40 minutes after eating before testing my blood sugar level. The next time I eat this, I’ll wait a bit longer before testing the blood sugar.

The veggies in my bowl are spicy bean sprouts, spinach (prepared with sesame, I think), spicy cucumbers, and some brown stuff that I can’t name but it’s good. The whole thing is somewhat similar to bibimbap (비빔밥), a really common Korean veggie dish that usually comes with rice and a fried egg.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that spicy Korean pork (제육) with vegetables is safe for the diabetic diet! I buy the pork and these particular vegetables pre-cooked and prepared from a store that specifically sells restaurant-like Korean food in plastic containers. I guess I would call it a 반찬 전문점 in Korean. Those places are fairly common in Seoul.

diabetes diet low sugar no carb diet korean food
This picture may not look too appetizing, but Korean food is good stuff. Apologies for the terrible lighting. This food looks a lot better in real life. I probably shoulda taken the lids off the containers. The round bowl of red stuff is spicy tofu soup (순두부).