Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Subway sandwich (6-inch Spicy Italian)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating

Blood sugar reading before eating: 87

This reading of 87 was when I got home from work, which is usually about 5-ish hours after lunch. I rode my bike home from work and had to eat immediately because I wasn’t feeling so hot. I couldn’t tell if I was hypoglycemic or freaking out from that second coffee I had at the office. I usually have one cup of coffee in the afternoon, but today I had a second, much larger cup.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 180

This reading was about an hour after I finished my sandwich, and yes that is a picture of my Subway sandwich up there. It really looks like crap, doesn’t it? Subway’s “sandwich artists” here in Korea don’t seem to take their art very seriously.

My sandwich was a 6-inch Spicy Italian (10 slices of salami and 2 small triangles of American cheese) on wheat bread. I asked for yellow mustard and “horseradish sauce” which is basically a spicy mayo. I gave 10% of the salami (1 slice) to my dog Terry. He always gets his cut.

87 to 180 is a big jump. Maybe next time I’ll say no to the mustard and horseradish and see if that makes a difference. I’ll probably order a different sandwich, too. Maybe a BMT or something.