Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Spicy Korean pork, again (제육)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating

Blood sugar reading before eating: 108

This reading of 108 was on a Saturday afternoon before my first meal of the day. All I had eaten was a tiny amount of avocado, so I was surprised at the first reading of 119. The second try came out as 108.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 131

This reading was about an hour after I finished my spicy pork.

I have tested this food before. The vegetables in that one were more or less the same, except this time I added kimchi (a spicy Korean cabbage) and some sliced radishes.

The post-meal blood sugar increase both last time and this time were similarly low! Last time, it was 84 → 126. This time, it was 108 → 131.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise … it’s pork and vegetables, and it’s not a prepackaged thing I pulled off a store shelf. And bonus, it’s delicious.

If you’re diabetic and like spicy foods, give this one a try. Korean restaurants serve it under the name “jay-yook boke-keum” (제육볶음). It won’t look exactly like mine … the picture above is my own configuration of meat and vegetables in a bowl. Yours might look more like the picture below. If it’s served with rice, maybe you can ask the restaurant to skip the rice and throw in some more vegetables as a substitute.

Before you make this spicy Korean pork a regular part of your diet, you should probably do your own before-and-after blood sugar tests.