Here’s what getting kind of drunk did to my blood sugar

diabetes rum coke zero

VERY LITTLE! That’s what alcohol did to my blood sugar. It did very little.

About two hours before drinking, I had eaten a light meal (that spicy Korean pork I like so much).

My booze of choice was a hilariously cheap rum with Coke Zero. Over the course of a few hours, I downed two 500ml bottles of Coke Zero with however much rum I felt like putting in … enough to make each glass on the slightly strong side. I probably had 4-6 shots’ worth of rum.

While drinking, I wasn’t eating or drinking anything else. I was just sitting in front of my computer, working on a non-diabetes-related thing.

After a few hours of working and casually sipping my rum-and-Coke Zero, I checked my blood sugar: 101.

That’s right: 101. Nice!!

Actually, Google tells me that certain kinds of alcohol can lower your blood sugar. I’m not sure how that works, but it might explain the low blood sugar reading I got here.

Also, isn’t it weird that eating a bunch of cherry tomatoes and cucumber spears raised my blood sugar more than a night of sedentary boozing?

I am not recommending that diabetics start drinking cheap rum and Coke Zero. I’m just stating my experience with it last night.

If your doctor is telling you not to drink alcohol, you probably shouldn’t drink alcohol.