Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Subway sandwich (6-inch Tuna)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating

Blood sugar reading before eating: 108

This reading of 87 was in the morning at work before I had eaten anything.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 219

This reading was a little over an hour after I finished my sandwich. During that time I also had a cup of Starbuck’s coffee that someone had handed to me. I’m pretty sure it was just black, no sugar.

My sandwich was a 6-inch Tuna on what I’m pretty sure was Honey Oat. The sandwich was provided at a business outing, so I don’t know what sauces were on it.

That gross-looking Spicy Italian that I tested last week raised my blood sugar from 87 to 180. This one bumped me from 108 to 219! Dang. It’s not looking good for Subway as far as diabetics are concerned.