Diabetes blood sugar before and after: two chicken tacos

mexican food for diabetes chicken taco

Blood sugar reading before eating: 109

This reading of 109 was maybe 90 minutes after eating some salad. I hadn’t eaten anything other than that.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 176

This reading was about an hour after I finished my two chicken tacos.

A couple of things … I followed mostly the same recipe that I wrote out a few days ago, except I poured in a lot of lime juice. Sometimes I like to do that cuz I’m crazzaaay.

Also, these tacos were bigger than the ground pork tacos that I made earlier this week. The ground pork tacos were about 110g, but these chicken tacos were closer to 150g.

Still, I can live with 109 → 176! It’s an increase of 67. Not the end of the world.

And then about an hour later, I got hungry again. One more taco, this time weighing in at about 125g.

Blood sugar reading before eating: 150

Still coming down from the 176 after my previous two tacos.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 126

Wait, what? I’d like to believe that tacos make the blood sugar go down, but I don’t think that’s how it works. So I did a second test with a different glucose monitor.

The 126 came from a CareSens N. I retested with a Braun Omnitest 3 (I don’t think this brand is sold in the U.S.) and it came up with 131.

Both tests were an hour after the taco. So what happened? I dunno!!!! The body does weird things. Maybe in the past couple of hours my body decided to stop being diabetic. Haha. Right.

mexican food for diabetes chicken taco
This is the magic taco that made my blood sugar go DOWN!
mexican food for diabetics chicken
I’m gonna be eating a lot of tacos this week.