Diabetes blood sugar before and after: two chicken tacos, again

mexican food for diabetes chicken taco

Blood sugar reading before eating: 100

This reading of 100 was on a completely empty stomach.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 166

This reading was about an hour after I finished my tacos.

So I think we have a pattern here …

171 → 204 (+33): This was a few days ago, after I had eaten two tacos with ground pork instead of chicken. I think the small increase is because I waited 90 minutes for the post-test instead of the usual 60. My blood sugar had probably started to go back down at this point.

104 → 163 (+59): This one was 1 hr. 15 min. after eating. Also ground pork tacos instead chicken (on the same night as the test above).

109 → 176 (+67): This was yesterday. Chicken tacos, about an hour after eating.

100 → 166 (+66): This is the test I did just now, an hour after eating.

With the tortillas I’m using (they weigh a very slim 20 grams each), it looks like my blood sugar goes up by around 60-65 mg/dL per two tacos. So would three tacos raise it by about 100? Hmm, I think I’ll try that next.

mexican food for diabetes chicken taco