I have Type 2 Diabetes. Here’s what happened when I drank 4 beers.

can diabetics drink beer

Practically nothing! That’s what happened. I drank four beers (12 oz. each) in rapid succession and then waited an hour before testing my blood sugar again.

Blood sugar reading before drinking: 114

This reading of 114 was a few hours after eating KFC. Not my healthiest day, right?

Blood sugar reading after drinking: 125

This reading was about an hour after I finished my four beers. I didn’t have any snacks or anything else at all, just the beer.

I normally drink rum with Coke Zero because beer is pretty bad for my gout, but I decided to drink the beers for science! Also, about once a month, I go bowling with coworkers, and I always have a few beers on that occasion. I don’t want to be testing my blood sugar at the lanes, so this test was a good way to confirm that having a few beers is ok.

When I did my rum and Coke Zero test, I included a little caveat which I will also include here:

If your doctor tells you to not drink, then don’t drink!

There, now you can’t blame me if you get wasted and then die. But if your doctor gives you the green light for some moderate boozing, beer seems like it ain’t so bad. Cheers!

can diabetics drink beer