This wheat bread sucks!

diabetes wheat bread tuna salad

I made some tuna salad, and it’s AWESOME. You know what the secret to great tuna salad is? It’s not celery — that’s too obvious. It’s a shitload of fresh ground pepper. Grind until your wrist hurts! That sounds dirty.

So about this bread … ugh. This bread isn’t advertised as “whole grain” or whatever, so I guess my terrible results from this tuna salad on wheat experiment shouldn’t be a total shock.

I suppose the lesson here is: Not all wheat breads are automatically diabetes-friendly! Some are very unfriendly. Like this one.

Blood sugar reading before eating: 115

This reading of 115 was after work, so I hadn’t eaten in several hours.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 227

This reading was about an hour after I finished my sandwich.

And that was ALL I ate! Just the sandwich. Wheat bread, yellow mustard on one slice, mayo on the other, a thick bed of lettuce (which I require on most sandwiches), and a few thin tomato slices on top of the tuna. I didn’t even drink any soy milk, which I really like with a sandwich like this.

FYI, these results are very similar to what I got from eating a 6-inch Subway tuna on wheat.

I’ll have to eat the rest of this bread one slice at a time. Groan.

diabetes wheat bread tuna salad