A damn GRANOLA BAR did this to my blood sugar?? WTF Nature Valley!

diabetes granola bar bad

Hmm. I have goddam diabetes. And I want a snack. No Snickers for me … so how about this Nature Valley granola bar?


One would think that a granola bar that looks this un-delicious would be totally OK to eat. One would think!

diabetes granola bar bad

Blood sugar reading before eating: 126

This reading of 126 was in the late afternoon, several hours after lunch.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 227

This reading was about an hour after I finished eating this glucose bomb. Actually, I ate TWO glucose bombs! Each package contains two granola bars, see.

Alright, a couple of things:

  1. An increase of 101 is ridiculous. I have eaten entire Italian Beef sandwiches … bread and all … that had less impact on my blood sugar.
  2. This is my fault, not Nature Valley’s. I should have looked at the nutrition info before I ate this thing. But I was like meh it’s a stupid granola bar, what could possibly go wrong??

Here’s what went wrong:

diabetes granola bar bad

So two granola bars (again, they come packed in twos, in the same individual package) bring a collective 27.2g of carbs, PLUS 12.7g of sugar. That’s INSANE!

Granted, it’s not as bad as an actual Snickers bar, but DAYUMMMMMM. It’s way more than I was expecting. FML.

After some googling, it looks like Nature Valley no longer sells this Oats and Berries variety of granola bar. But does that mean you can eat other kinds of Nature Valley granola? I seriously doubt it.

If you have diabetes, don’t eat this crap! Really. If you’re going to blow up your blood sugar by 100 mg/dL, make it worth your while. Go eat a cheeseburger or something, not f**king granola.