Sausage, Bacon, & Scrambled Eggs: A Very Diabetes-Friendly Breakfast

diabetes breakfast scrambled eggs sausage kiwi blueberries bacon

Once a month, my team at work has a “team lunch.” Sometimes that lunch is pizza or noodles or something else I can’t eat because of goddam diabetes.

This team lunch was very different!

We went to a local “brunch” restaurant called Whisk (for those in Korea, here’s their Naver page). Most of my coworkers were eating waffles and pancakes, but I ordered the “Aussie Brekkie” which is their version of an Australian breakfast.

This Australian breakfast consisted of:

  • scrambled eggs
  • a large sausage
  • bacon
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • salad, which included a small amount of kiwi and blueberries
  • two pieces of bread ← I immediately gave these to my coworkers
  • iced Americano coffee, which might have actually been unsweetened tea

Aside from the bread, I ate EVERYTHING. It was all great.

And I also drank that coffee/tea. It’s weird that I couldn’t tell if it was coffee or tea, right? If it was coffee, it seemed very watered down. But hey whatever, it was good.

diabetes breakfast scrambled eggs sausage kiwi blueberries bacon

Blood sugar reading before eating: 82

This reading of 82 was right before leaving to go to the restaurant.

I hadn’t taken my daily dose of Diabex/Metformin yet, and it was 2-3 hours after my usual breakfast of cucumbers and/or cherry tomatoes and/or a block of cheese.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 117

This very nice reading was slightly over an hour after I finished the Aussie Brekkie. Maybe 1 hr 10 min.

I don’t know what that bacon and sausage did to my triglycerides … nothing good, I suspect … but 82 → 117 is basically nothing in the glucose department!!

That’s a total increase of 35 mg/dL. I saw a bigger blood sugar jump from eating half a can of Campbell’s soup!

So I was really pleased to see the 117, but at the same time, I wasn’t terribly shocked by it.

I’ve tested eggs before with great success, and meat products (like sausage and bacon) seem like they usually don’t threaten the glucose.

I’ll update this post if I go to the same restaurant for another Aussie Brekkie in the future. But for now, it seems like this kind of breakfast/lunch is A-OK for the ‘beetus!

diabetes breakfast scrambled eggs sausage kiwi blueberries bacon