¡More enchiladas, por favor!

diabetes mexican food enchilada blood sugar test

I eat a lot of Mexican food. It’s pretty much all I have left!

Gout has taken away beef and, for the most part, other high-purine stuff like sushi. My high triglycerides are why I’m limiting my intake of pork, sausage, chicken nuggets, and all that other good shit.

And of course, I’ve lost just about everything else to goddam diabetes. I would literally murder someone for a big plate of consequence-free spaghetti right now.

But Mexican food! It’s mostly pretty safe. Eating gigantic burritos on a regular basis is not a great idea, but if you can limit the size of the tortilla, the glucose hit shouldn’t be too bad. And tacos continue to make up an unreasonable percentage of my diet.

I don’t know how other restaurants do enchiladas, but this tiny Mexican place near my home basically does it like an upside-down burrito. He puts refried beans, chicken, vegetables, etc. in a bowl, covers it with a 10-inch tortilla, and covers the tortilla with a ton of cheese and some diced tomatoes. Then he throws the whole thing under a broiler.

This may sound like a far cry from the enchilada recipes you find on Food Network (see the last pic down below), but it’s all the same basic stuff.

One very important point here is that this enchilada thing has NO RICE in it! The guy at the restaurant knows I can’t eat rice, so he leaves it out. If you eat some enchiladas yourself, make sure you also skip the rice.

So I’ve tested the enchiladas three times, all at lunchtime during the work day. Here’s what my glucose meters told me!

Enchilada #1

Blood sugar reading before & after: 103 → 139

Enchilada #2

Blood sugar reading before & after: 122 → 169

Enchilada #3

Blood sugar reading before & after: 110 → 168

diabetes mexican food enchilada blood sugar test

Not bad, right?! I kind of figured 103 → 139 was a fluke. Sometimes that happens.

The biggest increase was Enchilada #3 at +58 mg/dL, and I can totally live with that.

Part of the reason this enchilada is pretty easy on the blood sugar is that the tortilla is only 10 inches, as opposed to the 12-inch tortilla that a lot of burritos are made with.

So will you see the same results from your local Mexican restaurant’s enchilada? Probably not, because it won’t be made exactly the same way. Just test drive it and see what happens! I hope your results are also very bueno.

diabetes enchilada
This picture is from Food Network! It doesn’t look at all like the enchiladas I’ve been eating, but who cares.