A quick little diabetes pizza test

diabetes pizza test

Pretty much the only pizza I eat these days is office pizza. And the last time I ate office pizza, the results weren’t great.

Today was, once again. Pizza Day at the office. I had one slice, then sneaked out to run home and (a) eat something that won’t kill me, and (b) take Terry out for a very quick walk.

I didn’t measure the blood sugar increase on the lunch slice. But near the end of the day, there was still some leftover pizza. So I grabbed a skinny one.

diabetes pizza test

Blood sugar reading before eating: 138

This reading of 138 was at about 5:30 pm. I had taken my Diabex/Metformin a couple hours earlier, and in the time between I had eaten some dried seaweed and breath mints.

138 for this time of day seems a little high! I suspect those breath mints aren’t actually “sugar free,” but who knows. Maybe I’ll test that someday.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 166

This was an hour after finishing that lone piece of pizza.

diabetes pizza test
If you’re gonna eat pizza, DON’T eat the outside crust! You’re diabetic, remember?

So an increase of 28 mg/dL doesn’t sound too bad, right? Compared to the last time I had office pizza, it’s honestly pretty great.

But I do NOT take this as a sign that pizza is anywhere near “safe” to eat. My blood sugar was on its way down, and I say this because 5 minutes before the 138, I was at 141.

Glucose monitor readings do vary a bit, but I hadn’t eaten anything substantial in several hours. Declining blood sugar seems likely. Also, the pizza slice was skinny, so I wasn’t really eating all that much.

This pizza test may not be super helpful by itself. Maybe it will be if I do more pizza tests? I seriously doubt that. Papa John’s pizza, or any other “normal” pizza for that matter, is just always gonna be terrible.

But as long as office pizza keeps happening, I may as well test out a slice here and there.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the pic at the top of this post shows a pizza with no cheese … that’s because we ordered it that way! Just one pizza with no cheese for the lactose intolerant crowd.