An apple a day keeps the doctor away — unless you have goddam diabetes

diabetes apples

Since getting diagnosed with goddam diabetes nearly two years ago, I have cut most fruits out of my diet. I eat cherry tomatoes and avocados regularly, but not much else.

So when a whole bunch of apples magically appeared at work just before the big Lunar New Year holiday, I grabbed a couple!

I was not expecting good results from eating these apples.

diabetes apples
This apple was about 280g, a pretty big boi in Apple World

But WebMD says that apples have a low glycemic index (GI), so I guess that’s good? Apparently, low GI foods raise blood sugar more slowly than high GI ones.

Anyway, who cares what the stupid internet says. It’s all about the results!

Blood sugar reading before eating: 121

This reading of 121 was when I got home from work. As usual, it had been many hours since my daily Diabex/Metformin, and I hadn’t eaten anything in a while except for maybe some dried seaweed.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 189

diabetes apples

This reading of 189 was about an hour after finishing the apple.

121 → 189 may sound bad, and it is, but it’s not holy shit bad. It’s an increase of 68 mg/dL. Far from awesome, but I guess I can live with it.

And just to be sure my body wasn’t trying to prank me (which happens sometimes), I checked my blood sugar again after an additional 30 minutes (169 mg/dL), and again after yet another 30 minutes (151 mg/dL).

Ok, so on to Apple #2!

Blood sugar reading before eating: 124

This reading of 124 was in the morning when I got to work. This was a few days after Apple #1. I also had a little brick of colby jack cheese.

As is customary, I gave one small slice of both apple and cheese to the swell gal who sits to my left, but I munched down the rest on my own.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 188

This reading of 188 was about an hour after finishing the apple and cheese.

diabetes apples

I can already hear the science nerds questioning why I tested Apple #2 with that chunk of colby jack when no such cheese was included with Apple #1.

Well, smartypants, I ate the cheese ‘cuz I wanted it! Also, based on previous cheese tests, I knew it wouldn’t have a big impact on the glucose.

So Apple #1 and Apple #2 both yielded very similar results. I got increases of 69 mg/dL and 64 mg/dL respectively, so hey at least the tests are consistent!

Does this mean that apples are safe for diabetics to eat? I’m gonna say YES, but with the caveat that maybe you should just eat half an apple instead of a whole one.

My usual desk breakfast of cucumber spears and cherry tomatoes gets kind of old, and I feel like half an apple might actually be a better choice than the tomatoes.

If you like dem apples, do your own test and lemme know what happens!