Dear Watermelon, I LOVE YOU

diabetes watermelon

Goddam diabetes takes so much away from us … but at least it hasn’t taken away watermelon!

Long story short, I ate watermelon three different times. Each time, I ate about 200 grams (not counting the rind). 200 grams of watermelon isn’t a lot, but it’s enough for a decent snack.

And guess what? The results were A-OK!

diabetes watermelon

As usual, all tests were on an empty stomach and nowhere near consumption of any Diabex/Metformin.

110 → 142 mg/dL: Sunday afternoon, 200 grams. After 30 more minutes: 114
109 → 157 mg/dL: Friday night, 220 grams
109 → 126 mg/dL: Saturday afternoon, 200 grams (psst … I was also vaping during this 1-hour wait)

So I got increases of +32 and, somehow, just +17 mg/dL when I had exactly 200 g of watermelon. And having a slightly larger amount, 220 g, sent my blood sugar up by +48.

diabetes watermelon
Aww just wook at dis widdle watermelon! Avocado for scale.

I’m pleasantly surprised by these results, but maybe I shouldn’t be. After all, watermelon is mostly water, right? And actually, most fruits and vegetables are 90-95%+ water. But watermelon has water in the name!

I guess I was half expecting watermelon to be bad just because it’s so delicious. But hooray! Watermelon, in limited quantities, seems like it should be a safe snack.