Hail, Caesar! The salad, not the Greek dictator

diabetes caesar salad

A small miracle happened today.

I stopped in at this tiny place called Enjoy the Salad, and I ordered a salad. A chicken Caesar salad, to be exact.

I had my glucose monitor with me, so as I took the first bite, I did a quick check: 101 mg/dL. Ok, cool.

diabetes caesar salad

This was my first meal of the day and I hadn’t taken my Diabex/Metformin yet.

After eating, I rode my bike home (about 1 mile/1.6 km) and farted around until it was time to do my 1-hour post-meal check.

The result? 101! Again!

So I was like HAHA ACCU-CHEK NICE TRY, YOU DICK. Checked again and got 99 mg/dL!

diabetes caesar salad
From my Instagram (@diabetesisbadd)

I wasn’t expecting much of an increase from a salad, but ZERO increase? I dunno what happened there, but I’ll take it!

I wouldn’t expect this result again, but maybe I’ll go back there and see if lightning can strike twice.

And if there’s a moral to this story, I guess it’s … eat salad with impunity? I think most diabetics already do that, but today’s +0 mg/dL really reinforces how harmless salads generally are.

Just make sure your salad isn’t filled with things that will send your BS up! I’m sure the results from a Waldorf salad (apples aplenty) would be very different from this here Caesar.

diabetes caesar salad