About Diabetes Is Bad

This blog started as a sort of personal diary of my diabetic adventures … since I had just been diagnosed (in the spring of 2019), I wasn’t sure how much of a role diabetes would play in my daily life, so I decided to chronicle it.

Turns out Type 2 diabetes is pretty boring! Once a month, I go to Dr. Dump (his office is a dump, you see). He checks my blood sugar just for fun, he gets out his stethoscope to see if my heart is beating, and then he gives me a prescription for one month’s worth of Metformin (for Type 2 diabetes) and Allopurinol (for gout). The whole visit takes roughly five minutes.

Then I go to the pharmacy next door and fill my prescription. The pharmacist is a very attractive lady who looks like Fred Willard if Fred Willard were an attractive Korean woman.

And that’s it. Outside of doing a lot of “finger-sticking” (I got that term from a TV commercial), that’s my entire diabetes routine.

So these days all I really blog about is food. I guess this is a food blog now, but it’s all about the before-and-after blood sugar tests.

I hope new members of the Diabetes Club find my “research” useful. Maybe I can help you form an idea of which foods might be safe and which are really bad for you.

I’m not a doctor, so don’t take anything I say here as “advice.” I’m just sharing my own thoughts and experiences.

Diabetes is bad! But as they say … at least it’s not cancer!

Now watch me get cancer.


This is Terry. He’s a good dog.