Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Korean food (bibim kuksu 비빔국수)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating

Blood sugar reading before eating: 108

This reading was just before lunch.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 197

This reading was about an hour after lunch.

Bibim kuksu (비빔국수) is spicy buckwheat noodles with vegetables. In this case, those vegetables were cucumbers, carrots, and Korean radishes. Oh, and half of a hard-boiled egg. The green flaky stuff is dried seaweed. Not sure what the brown stuff is that’s sprinkled on top.

Google says that buckwheat noodles are supposed to be just fine for diabetics to eat. The problem is that makers of buckwheat noodles are apparently in the habit of using just enough buckwheat to justify putting “buckwheat” on the label, and the rest is plain ol’ flour.

108 to 197 seems like a pretty big jump, right?

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating