Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Vietnamese food (chicken w/veggies)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating

Blood sugar reading before eating: 105

This reading of 105 was a little over an hour after the reading of 219 that came after eating a 6-inch Subway tuna sandwich.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 135

This reading was a little over an hour after finishing my chicken and veggies lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Sorry, I don’t know what the “official” name of this dish is. I think the Korean name for it on the menu was literally “chicken with vegetables and rice,” but I’m sure it’s based on something that at least resembles actual Vietnamese food.

Since the dish I ordered was supposed to come with rice, I asked that they lose the rice and toss in some more veggies. I think they just left out the rice and didn’t replace it with anything extra.

There were mushrooms, cashews, and various other things tossed with the chicken. The dish was pretty salty as it seemed to be swimming in some kind of soy sauce mixture, but it was good.

105 to 135 is a fairly modest increase in blood sugar, so I’d feel good about ordering this again. I think the key, of course, is to forego the rice.