Diabetes blood sugar before and after: Mexican food (chicken burrito bowl and a chicken taco on a flour tortilla)

diabetes blood sugar test before and after eating mexican food burrito bowl chicken taco on flour tortilla

Blood sugar reading before eating: 95

This reading of 95 was after riding my bike home from work (about 1 mile). My last meal had been lunch (spicy Korean tofu soup) about 5 1/2 hours before.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 124

This reading was about an hour after eating my burrito bowl and taco. During that hour I took my dog Terry out for a walk.

Last night, I was muy disappointed when I saw how much my blood sugar increased (96 → 204) after eating three chicken tacos on corn tortillas.

Mexican food is something I kind of need in order to be happy. So today I decided to switch up my order and go from the six corn tortillas I had last night (2 per taco) to just one taco-sized flour tortilla today.

My little plan appears to have worked! 95 → 124 is basically nothing. And both my burrito bowl and taco were “fully loaded” with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, jalapenos, and a healthy dose of Tapatio hot sauce that I added myself.

Believe me, I will definitely be testing this again. And I’ll probably even see what happens when I eat a burrito, big flour tortilla and all.