KFC Double Down reloaded: No hash brown, no problem!

diabetes kfc double down no hash brown

I sat down to write this whole thing about how the KFC Double Down actually IS safe to eat … as long as you SKIP THE HASH BROWN!

And I just now noticed that I already updated my original post on this subject a while back. Hooray for cognitive decline!

So anyway, several months ago, I made the proud declaration that the Double Down is actually very easy on the glucose. The one caveat is that you do NOT eat the hash brown.

diabetes kfc double down no hash brown

In fact, it’s best if you just ask that they just leave it out entirely. That way, you don’t have to deal with pulling it out and lamenting the amount of cheese that it takes with it.

So yeah, this post is pretty unnecessary. But you know what? I already took the damn pictures!! And I’m already mentally committed to presenting my, uh, “groundbreaking” findings on how diabetes-friendly the KFC Double Down can be if you do it right.

When I added that update about eating a Double Down without the hash brown, the new glucose result was 92 → 135.

Here’s what happened TODAY, months after my update, when I ate yet another KFC Double Down without the big potato patty in the middle.

diabetes kfc double down no hash brown

Blood sugar reading before eating: 101

This reading of 101 was today, Saturday, not too long after waking up late in the afternoon. Ok, evening. Yeah I slept all day! I regret nothing.

Blood sugar reading after eating: 132

This reading was about an hour after I finished my KFC Double Down.

diabetes kfc double down no hash brown

As Matthew McConaughey would say … alright, alright, alright!

My updated result from several months ago was 92 → 135, or +42 mg/dL.

Today, I got 101 → 132, or +31 mg/dL.

So this whole post, which is mainly a product of my growing senility, confirms what I already knew months ago: Without the hash brown, the KFC Double Down is pretty harmless as far as diabetes goes.

It’s still a greasy, fatty, unhealthy hunk of deliciousness, but at least it won’t kill you in the glucose department.